Joe’s bringing the casino action home with some of the best Live Dealer games around. You can now enjoy an interactive gaming experience where real dealers call last bets and a live stream brings the table to you. It’s all about creating more excitement that looks, feels and sounds like the real thing.

Take a seat and play Blackjack, American Roulette, European Roulette, Super 6 and Baccarat as you chat up Joe’s roster of professional live dealers. They’re here to make sure you have the most exciting and seamless experience at the tables.

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Basically, any online casino with live dealer games is a Live Casino Online, just like Joe Fortune. It’s “Online” because Joe’s casino platform is web-based and “Live” because the dealers are real people, dealing in real time. Sure, Joe may have his games running in the cloud, but with the live component you can kick back on the couch and get that real casino feeling.

Using Optical Character Recognition technology (I like the sound of that), Joe Fortune merges live play with online gaming. This way, you can see all the action going down on the tables via live stream.



What’s the one thing that regular online casino games lack? A “human element.” The chance to get amongst the people. At Joe’s Live Dealer tables, connecting is the name of the game. It’s so much more exciting to actually watch someone deal and spin the roulette wheel, someone you can chat up, someone who welcomes you personally, rather than a robotic, automated process. Pair this with amazing sound effects, the background rhythm of a real casino, and some healthy banter, and you’ve got an energetic atmosphere that blurs the lines between the real and simulated. It’s all about live play plus the ability to customise and increase or decrease the sounds to suit your preferences.

Physical cards, a wooden finish to the roulette wheel – touches that add to the feel of your own casino.



  • Convenience. No more cabs, no more car parking. The thrill of Joe’s Live Dealer comes direct to you. This bonus can only be redeemed on your FIRST DEPOSIT.
  • It’s social. Like getting amongst it while you stake your claim for a big win? You’re going to love meeting like-minded players who are after the same thing as you: realism. Use the Text Entry field to communicate with the dealers, who respond verbally, which only makes things more realistic. If you’d prefer to keep to yourself, dark horses are welcome too.
  • At Joe’s Live Dealer tables it’s all about the luck of the draw and good strategy as the cards are shuffled in real time and the wheel turns.
  • This is the real deal. Our team each have their own styles and signature moves, so you’ll never be lacking for variety. Or, maybe it’s the other players that will keep you on your toes. The tables will always feature different players or maybe it’ll be just you and the dealer.



Joe’s got five of the most popular table games in the business all lined and raring to go. From Roulette to Super 6, our classics promise non-stop fun:



We offer live dealer variants of both American and European Roulette, which are essentially the same game with one key different – American Roulette features both a 0 and 00 on the wheel, while European Roulette only features the 0 pocket on the wheel.



It’s the same classic blackjack you know and love at Joe Fortune but this time it’s live and also offers two extra side bets. Plus, the Back Betting feature lets you get in on the action even when the tables are at full capacity. Pick a player – or back a mate - and cash in when they win.



Eight decks and all the betting options and excitement this tried and tested table game has to offer. There’s even a bonus side bet called the Dragon Bonus, which pays when your hand wins by a Natural, or by 4 or more points.


Super 6

A spin-off of baccarat, this variant offers different payouts and four more side bets that can go a long way towards padding your bankroll.



Not sure if live dealer casino games are for you? Joe’s got you covered – just check out the most commonly asked questions about Live Dealer below:

  • A live dealer casino is a web-based casino that offers games and features real people dealing the cards or spinning the wheel. Some games will have live dealers and other games computer-generated variants. Joe Fortune is a live dealer casino.
  • Joe Fortune’s Live Dealer uses Optical Character Recognition Technology, which connects the action on the table in a studio directly to your game screen. The data from the felt is transmitted into code that syncs the action with your game screen. The best part is that payouts are added to your bankroll instantly.
  • For sure. Our dealers will welcome you to the table verbally, on camera. You can chat with them via the game’s chat box – send messages or even emojis (if you’re into a cheeky winky face).
  • If your question is related to the game you’re playing, you can ask the dealer directly. For all other queries, you can reach out to Joe Fortune’s dedicated Customer Service team.
  • Live Dealer games use real people as dealers, in real-time. Dealers run the game from table in a casino studio and the results of the game are determined by actual physical mechanisms, just like in a real casino setting, such as the force with which the ball lands on the wheel and the actual shuffling and dealing of cards.
  • Absolutely! Go ahead and tip the dealers by dropping a chip into the tip slot. It’s as easy as that. If you’re playing blackjack, your tipping option is designated by a “T” located to the right of the Main Bet area. When the round is over, our dealers will show their gratitude by addressing you by name and in front of a live audience. Remember, tipping rules for blackjack are a little different and include a tip increase for splits and double, and the casino itself doubles the tip for winning hands.
  • No they can’t. The only things our dealers can see on their screen are the chat entry, players’ names and information about the casino game itself.
  • No. Live Dealer at Joe Fortune is not rigged, and the same goes for all our casino games. Our games come with a small, built-in house edge, that covers the costs to operate our business.